Analog And Aloha Army Collab On A Shaka Inspired Hat, Shirt, And Boardshorts


Irvine, California (October 12, 2009) –Analog is pleased to announce the early release of the Lewers boardshort at Aloha Army on Thursday, October 15, 2009.

The three prong collaboration between Analog Clothing, Aloha Army, and Kauai photographer Mike Coots equals one gnarly boardshort rooted in Hawaiian culture. The new short from Analog's Spring/Summer 2010 line is available exclusively at Aloha Army until February.

Aloha Army is a trendsetting surf boutique located on Lewers Street in Honolulu. Opened as a sister store to the infamous In4mation skate shop, Aloha Army has a reputation as a fashion forward, core surf shop promoting new and unique brands on the island of Hawaii.

"We saw Aloha Army and In4mation as sharing our culture here at Analog", said Lyndon Cabellon, North American Sales Manager at Analog. Both shops are immersed in the surf & skate cultures, while also pushing the envelope with cutting edge brands and trends. It was a natural step for us to collaborate on this project."

The shaka-covered boardshort couldn't be a better fit for Aloha Army either. The shaka is the ultimate symbol of aloha and local culture in Hawaii. It is a common greeting that some say is the physical manifestation of aloha. The meanings are multiple: thank you, take it easy, hello, and good-bye.

The idea for the Lewers was born in the Analog design department, and executed by talented photographer Mike Coots.

Coots started shooting at Pipemasters in the winter of 2008, and then continued back in Kauai. Using natural light, he captured a variety of people including local surfers, friends and family. "Everyone was happy to contribute", said Mike. "I'd have people throw up shakas in the water, and in between sets."mik

Purchase the Lewers Boardshort exclusively at Aloha Army today:

About Analog Clothing
Analog is a clothing company whose only goal is to create outside the lines and push creativity and individuality in skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Analog offers a simple concept: to be open to more than one idea, consistently deliver the inconsistent and forge unlikely offerings to the status quo.

About Mike Coots
Mike Coots was born and raised on the magnificent island of Kauai. Shortly after high school, he was attacked by a 12 foot Tiger Shark and lost his right leg. Out of the water for a few months, he found a new love – photography! He continues to surf daily (now with a prosthetic) and his passion to capture those indelible moments remains.