Anastasia Ashley is one very smart ass

Several decades ago, Dave Parmenter, a famously opinionated pro surfer, raised eyebrows when he said the only way women’s surfing would gain popularity was if women started competing in the nude. Recent events would suggest he’s right, as the women’s side of the ASP World Tour has been thrust into the spotlight due to incidents involving bosoms, butts, and, well, jiggling flesh.

Anastasia Ashley commences her pre-heat stretching routine. For the rather entertaining full version, watch the video above.

Anastasia Ashley commences her pre-heat stretching routine. For the rather entertaining full version, watch the video below.

Forget for now that the most popular female surfer in the world at the moment is Alana Blanchard. Blanchard has never won an ASP World Tour event. In fact, her highest finish in the rankings is 13th. But she’s been competing in tiny little G-strings for years. Not surprisingly, her most anticipated move is her bottom turn. And yeah, it doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty, too. In fact, Blanchard’s looks overshadowed her surfing skills (which are actually pretty solid) long ago. Blanchard has parlayed them into her hit YouTube show, “Alana: Surfer Girl.”  Blanchard and her handsome boyfriend, Jack Freestone, a budding star on the men’s side, are the Brad and Angelina of the sport.

In July, the video teaser for the upcoming Roxy Pro France caused an uproar, because rather than show five-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore surfing, it showed her awaking in bed, rolling around in her panties, looking very sexy as she emerged from the sheets. The video created a ton of heat from the blogosphere. It also got more views than any other contest teaser in ASP history. Mission accomplished for Roxy?

But the latest incident, starring Anastasia Ashley, could just be the most egregious example of Parmenter’s theory. The video below captured Ashley’s pre-heat warmup routine at the Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, California. Her ass-wiggling moves were supposedly done to loosen up her ligaments. But to shocked onlookers, it looked a lot more like something you’d see in a Vegas strip joint. “I had to get up and move,” said one man who was watching with his 13-year-old daughter. He wished to remain nameless, because, as he said, “I felt dirty!”

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Not surprisingly, this thing has gone viral, with more than 2 million views. And yeah, that’s significantly higher than any highlight reel from this year’s Supergirl. Anastasia, who happens to model on the side, is getting all kinds of attention. Of course this was purely incidental. I mean, how could she have known this would create a stir?