And The Winner Is…

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    Have you ever woken up from a night of partying wondering where exactly your wallet is, and why your head feels like one of Gallagher’s famous watermelons? TransWorld SURF recently crashed the annual Surfer Poll Awards, held at the Grove Theater in Anaheim on September 12, and although the ceremony ran a bit too long for our ADD-plagued tastes, we had no problem taking full advantage of the free drinks.

    The attire ranged from classy to hoochie, as did the attendees. Guests arrived early for dinner and drinks, which were followed by the usual lengthy award show. Rochelle Ballard won Female Surfer of the Year, and Andy Irons won the Male Surfer of the Year Award as his close friends tackled him onstage. Montaj won the Video of the Year Award. Other notable winners include Mick Fanning for Best Male Video Performance in Fanning The Fire, Damien Hobgood for Worst Wipeout in Momentum: Under The Influence, and Shelter for Best Cinematography. But the real show had yet to begin.

    During and after the ceremony athletes and industry members alike crowded the bar, and proceeded to wreak havoc. Celebrity sightings included Kelly Osbourne, Blue Crush’s Sanoe Lake, and pretty much the entire WCT contingent. The party continued pretty much until closing time, as the crowd dwindled down to a few. If you missed the party, check out the video, and live vicariously.