Andy Irons’ Autopsy Report Delayed

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A Texas court this week approved delaying the release of professional surfer Andy Irons’ autopsy results.

Irons’ wife, Lyndie, filed for a temporary injunction to keep the results by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office from being released to the public for six months. The three-time Association of Surfing Professionals champion died on Nov. 2 in a Dallas hotel room.

The request for an injunction also said that the “branding of Andy Irons’ company will be immediately, irreparably and severely tarnished if the official autopsy report is released at this time, when the cover of this event by the press is at a frenzy.”

“Should the autopsy report be released now, Lyndie Irons and her newborn child would suffer immediate and irrevocable harm in that the branding value would be greatly diminished as a result of the intense news frenzy,” the injunction request stated. A Tarrant County judge on Tuesday agreed to withhold the autopsy report until May 20.

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