Andy Irons Giveaway Winner Announced


Well, we received from pretty weird and wild images for the ‘Picture Of You And Andy Irons Giveaway’—we’re still scared from a few. Adam’s entry from St. Cloud, Florida took the cake though when he sent us this image of himself and a mini Andy Irons rocking out together. Here’s Adam’s story below. Congrats Adam and thanks to everyone for entering.

I found Andy when he was just a baby. He was sitting behind a rock with just a loin cloth on playing with a stick. At the time I was living near the beach so I took him swimming in the white water so he could learn the break of the waves. He was a natural. I knew there was something special about him and I started teaching him how to surf. It was love at first sight. Baby Andy loved to surf. The picture of us is the first trip to Rock Springs, Florida right after I threw him in the water. He was excited for more and would not stop screaming and yelling for me to throw him in again. He was making so much noise everyone was staring at us. He loves piggy-back rides and standing on my shoulders. It makes him feel like he is riding a big wave that’s why he looks so psyched it this picture. Now that we won this cool gear I’m going to have to keep it from him because when he gets excited he still drools.