Andy Irons Goes On Walkabout; Winds Up In Australia

Just ran across this interview with Andy Irons from a guy at Australian Surfing Life. Apparently AI is posting up in northern New South Wales for a month or so, surfing all the nooks and crannies that beautiful area has to offer and sorting out his head. Of note was Andy’s plan  to pass on a wildcard to the Billabong Pro at Jeffrey’s Bay, his new-found fire for surfing (I was witness to it in Tahiti and he’s definitely psyching again), and his opinion on the new World Tour format. Here’s a snippet:

What brings you to spending time here in Yamba?

I'm spending time here just to get away from everything. I've been home in Hawaii and in the summer time it's pretty small, there're not many waves and I've always wanted to spend time on this part of the coast in the off season. I got the opportunity this year to do it. I've jut been trying to take advantage of going to as many places that I wanted to go to after the last 12 years of travelling.

How long are you planning to hang around here for?

I'm looking for a good month. I'm settled in. I've always gone to places for like 10 days and you don't really get a full feel for a place, I'm always getting ready for the next trip. Where I think with a month you get a chance to unpack, settle in and get a routine. I've been here for a week and it's been awesome.

Andy Irons Australian Surfing Life ASL

Andy Irons with some groms from the Angourie Boardriders club. Photo: ASL/Geoff Helisma.

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