Andy Irons’ High 5 Section

Andy Irons' High 5 Section

The "last part" in surf movies is generally reserved for the dude who got the best clips and is meant to send the viewer out of the theater all jacked up and ready to rip. That said, when we began editing High Five, our Andy Irons section was lacking the panache that a surfer of his caliber deserved. We were in a pickle, who was gonna get the last part? Eric Geiselman had some amazing waves, but we really wanted to end the film with Andy… all we were missing were some banger clips.

Two days before the movie was supposed to be finished, a package from Billabong showed up at the office. Hastily opened, a hard drive simply marked "AI Clips" revealed itself. High Five editors Jerry Ricciotti, Steven Schultz, and Blake Kueny were "super butt pumped" as Andy would’ve said, and the Three Time World Champ instantly had the best part in the movie.

That's just one of the million Andy Irons stories we have, trust us, there are plenty more to come. Rest in peace AI… and send us some clips of you ripping in heaven!