Andy Irons Wins Rip Curl Search WCT In Mexico–Moves To #2 In WCT Ratings

In what has been dubbed “the best surf contest ever” Kauai’s Andy Irons just won in an action packed final against Taylor Knox from Carlsbad, CA. Irons sealed the final–and tightened up the 2006 World Title race–with a massive 6-foot air right in front of Taylor.

The air was unlike anything ever seen in World Championship Tour (WCT) competition and had the whole edit crew here at TransWorld SURF screaming and yelling in disbelief.

Knox, who has never won a WCT event despite being one of the most talented and experienced surfers to come out of California was in the lead before the nail-in-the-coffin air.

The Rip Curl Search WCT was held at a secret location with the code word moniker “La Jolla” deep down in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca.

In equal third place was Tim Reyes from Huntington Beach and Taj Burrow from Western Australia.

Three Time World Champ Andy Irons will take home $30,00 for his first win of the year and Taylor will recieve $16,000 for his stellar performance.

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Official Results For The 2006 Rip Curl Search Pro WCY

1st place: Andy Irons, Hawaii, $30,000
2nd place: Taylor Knox, California, $16,000
Equal 3rd: Tim Reyes (CA) Taj Burrow (AUS) $10,000
Equal 5th: Dean Morrison (AUS) Bruce Irons (HAW) Bede Durbidge (AUS) Kelly Slater (USA) $8,000

Official WCT Ratings After event #5

1. Kelly Slater 4233 points
2. Andy Irons 4140
3. Bobby Martinez 4008
4. Taylor Knox & Taj Burrow 3650
6. Damien Hobgood 3542
7. Joel Parkinson 3052
8. CJ Hobgood 2896
9. Bruce Irons 2884
10. Timmy Reyes 2843