Announcing Miss April…


Congratulations to 24- year old Melany Lorenzo from San Diego, California. A part time model and full time student, the 5'8" brunette was recently featured on Playboy TV's show The Search For The Perfect Girlfriend and the Fox reality show Battle Of The Bods. We caught up with the lovely Miss April for a quick chat…

melany3 TransWorld SURF: Are you a surfer girl?
Melany Lorenzo: I'm a beach girl for sure but I don’t surf. I love watching people surf             though and I think it's an amazing sport!

Relationship status?

Where would your dream surf trip take you?
I would love to go to Australia—it seems like it would be amazingly beautiful there!

How did you hear about the TransWorld SURF Model Search?
I heard about it from my friend Elisabeth King who won Miss TransWorld SURF for    October 2009!

Most embarrassing moment?
I’m really clumsy, so I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments where I have tripped and fallen on my face in front of a bunch of people! I always laugh it off though.

Last dirty joke you told?
What's a blonde turned upside down? A brunette with bad breathe, haha!

Monthly Model Search winner receive a swimsuit from B Swim and sunglasses courtesy of Spy. To enter, send your photos to Please include name, age, hometown, and some info about yourself. Stay tuned to for a Cote's Cube video interview with Melany…