Announcing Miss August: Tashia McIntosh!

Announcing Transworld SURF’s Miss August….Tashia McIntosh from Valencia, California. 23-year old blond bombshell Tashia McIntosh was born and raised in Valencia, California but now lives in LA where she’s pursuing her drram jobs—modeling and acting. Tashia has been featured in several MTV programs and will be featured on the season opener of the hit TV show Entourage

Do you surf? We like our girls to at least feign interest!

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a pro or anything but I have definitely learned and have fun trying..

Where’s your local spot?


Here’s the big question; do you have a boyfriend?

Yup.. a new relationship! Awesome guy!


I’m a model/actress…

Thanks Tashia! Check the slideshow of our Miss August below!

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