Another Aussie Surfer Bumped Off Board By Large Shark

Is this some kind of cruel joke? This is the third
"Australian Surfer Attacked By Shark" article in the last couple days! Maybe they'll get full before we get down there…that or we’ll surf the Superbank the whole time with 900 other guys to lessen the odds.

Australian Surfer Bumped Off Board By Shark

Jode Skennar, stoked to be on th beach…Photo courtesy

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At about 7.30am on Saturday, Jode Skennar was in the water at Sandon.

After he had caught three waves and was waiting to catch a fourth, a shark hit the underside of his board, launching him a few metres into the air and into a front flip. "The water was all foamy so I couldn’t see underneath me and it caught me completely by surprise," Jode said.

He landed about four feet away form his board and began a desperate scramble to get back to the safe haven of his trusty surfboard, and more importantly out of the water. "That first 10 seconds of being away from your board, you think ‘I’m gone’," he said.

After getting back on his board, Jode franticly padded back to shore, but quickly stopped not wanting to attract the attention of his new found ‘friend’. About 30 seconds after the initial scramble back to his board, Jode was then lucky enough to catch a wave back to shore.

"My heart rate was sky high for about five hours. I just couldn’t stop quivering," he said. After the run in, Jode’s board has the battle scars to prove it.

"The fin was cracked and the rail had a good inch long crack in it as well as the dent. I think the shark may have hit the fin with its nose, gotten a surprise then swum away."

"The really weird thing is I had a kind of vision 30 seconds before. I was thinking what would happen if I got hit from underneath by a shark."