Another Reunion Island Surfer Attacked By Shark

Saint Leu

Saint Leu, Reunion Island. That's a perfect left down there...

According to a post on, an  surfer on Reunion Island, a French territory near Madagascar, was bitten on the hand and foot. Witnesses reported that the shark severed both the hand and the man’s foot. This comes after a shark killed a 21-year old a few weeks ago in the same area. Locals want to stage a shark hunt, but the government has reservations. What do you think, should they go out and kill a bunch of surfers or just keep getting attacked by them? 

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A SURFER on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion has been seriously injured in a shark attack, the second in two weeks, as local authorities called for swift preventative action. Xavier Brunetiere, general secretary at the Reunion town hall, said the surfer’s right foot and his hand were seriously injured, in the attack at Saint Leu, located in a marine reserve on the western side of the island.

The man, whose identity was not released, is aged about 40 and is an experienced surfer, Mr Brunetiere said. Witnesses said the shark had severed a hand and a foot from the victim, but he made it back to the beach by himself. His life was not in danger, Mr Brunetiere said.

Shark attacks here have been increasing in the last two years, with three surfers killed in the last 13 months. Sunday’s attack, the third this year, comes just over a fortnight after 22-year-old local Alexandre Rassica was killed by a shark who bit off his leg.