Another shark sighting off Morro Bay clears the surfing lineup


Surfers call it a day after a shark sighting near Morro Rock. Photo: Dawn Feuerberg, via KSBY

Another shark sighting off Morro Bay, California, not far from where a woman's board was bitten four days earlier, sent surfers paddling hastily to shore.

The 10- to 15-foot shark, believed to be a great white, was spotted Wednesday morning near Morro Rock in close proximity to surfers, according to KSBY.


Elinor Dempsey is all smiles after surfing a shark attack unscathed. Photo: Courtesy of David Wilson

Warning signs, which had recently come down following the bite to Elinor Dempsey's red longboard on Saturday off Morro Strand State Beach, were re-staked for another 72-hour period.

Juvenile great white sharks utilize balmy Southern California waters to prey on bottom fish and rays until they grow to about 12 feet, when they develop an interest in seals and sea lions and migrate north to rookery areas.

It could be, however, that with unusually warm water spanning the entire California coast this summer, more juvenile white sharks are venturing north in search of bottom fish and rays.

Morro Bay is in San Luis Obispo County, closer to Central California.

According to KSBY, length estimates of the shark sighted on Wednesday varied.

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