Another Top Pro Quits His Day Job?

Timmy Curran comes up as the opener for the Foo Fighters.
The Foo Fighters are one of the world’s biggest bands. That being said, when the multi-platinum selling artists announced to the world press that their Summer 2006 North American tour would be an acoustic tour, speculations about who would be opening soon followed. Rock luminary Frank Black (frontman of the legendary Pixies) was chosen for the East Coast, and for the West Coast-Timmy Curran. Yes, Timmy Curran the surfer.
“When I heard about it I was shocked,” says Timmy, whose first album, Citsuca, had just barely hit the shelves. “I’d been surfing with Chris Shifflett (Foo Fighters guitar player) for a while, and I don’t even think he knew I played music.”
When the Foo Fighter guitarist first heard Timmy’s CD, he was a believer and immediately set out to place Timmy into the opening slot on their tour.
“All he had to do was convince Dave Grohl,” says Timmy’s manager, Rick Devoe. “Dave heard it and agreed with Chris, and Timmy was on.”
“When I first heard about it, I was so scared,” laughs Timmy. “I mean, the first band I ever liked was Nirvana, and here I am about to go on tour with the guy who basically helped me start to like music.”
With six dates down the West Coast, Timmy was thrown right into the mix as the only opening act for huge shows in front of tens of thousands of people. “Before the first show, I was backstage pacing around,” remembers Timmy. “But as we started playing, it got less and less scary, and more fun. I still can’t believe I toured with them, though. It’s like a dream.”
So what does an opening spot on a huge tour do for a budding musician? “Touring with the Foo Fighters is going to set up a big foundation for Timmy,” says Devoe. “It’s gonna send the message that Timmy’s music is for real. It’s not just a surfer making music, it’s a real musician making music.”
As for quitting his day job, Timmy won’t be doing that any time soon. “I’ll always be a surfer, no matter what,” emphasizes Timmy. “Music is just another part of who I am, but if I can do both, I’ll be the happiest guy ever.”

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