Another Weird And Clandestine Communique From Allyco.

Recent reports released by Central Intelligence confirm completion of the Stealth II back pack by the subversive group Ally Containment Co, aka. Allyco. Reports originated from the Arizona and New Mexico deserts where testing of Allyco.’s new fabric A.COtex was being genetically engineered to emulate the DNA of the deciduous armadillo’s impenetrable armor.


Eyewitnesses now confirm that the Stealth II’s re-design features the revolutionary Shoe Shelf, a vented pocket that contains shoes when necessary, yet unzips when not in use to allow for complete access to the main compartment. Other up-dated technology includes the C2 convertible waterbottle container, Link shoulder strap system and an expandable skateboard harness that allows for transportation of multiple decks.

Although numerous failed attempts were made to attain an official statement from Allyco. Headquarters, one off-record source reportedly stated “Re-developed in conjunction with Alliance field agents, the Stealth II is a necessity for all tactical skate missions.”

Note: The original Stealth By Allyco., released in limited quantities and distribution for back-to school 2001, shocked the Action Sports community with virtual 100 percent sell-though at retail.