APT Announces 2008/2009 World Tour Tow-In Season

The Association of Professional Towsurfers, Inc. (APT) is proud to announce the Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu Chile World Cup Tow-In Surfing Championship that will take place in South America. This will be the first stop for the 2008/2009 APT World Tour Season. The holding period for this prestigious event will begin April 15, 2008 and last thru July 15, 2008.

The surf spot known as Punta de Lobos, is Chile’s most powerful and longest left point break in the country. Local big wave charges such as Ramon Navarro, Diego Medina, Christian Merrello and others have ridden this wave in excess of 50′- 60′. Chile’s APT Vice President and Event Logistic Manager, Rodrigio ‘Fletcha’ Escobar claims this will be a spectacular show and he is pleased to announce full support from the local surfers, government, city officials and sponsors. This two day event will also host to a big wave surfing contest. The total combined prize purse for both events will be $35,000.00.

Along with prize purse money, Mike Slattery of HighSurfRescue.com (HSA) will sponsor additional prizes by giving away a rescue board to the winning first place team and tow-in equipment for 2nd and 3rd place teams.

Competitors for this world-class event will consist of the top eight rated teams from the 2007 APT season along with Chile representation and professionally established big wave riders from Hawaii, Australia, Tahiti, Mexico, California, Brazil and Ireland.

Surfline.com will be assisting in selecting the biggest swell with the best conditions for this event. There will be an event notification light system set up on the APT website which will dictate the event status. Once the event is called on, all competitors and media will have 72-96 hours to make it to the event location. Media outlets from around the globe are invited and encouraged to show up and document this first of a kind, specialty event that will host to a big wave tow-in contest and big wave surfing contest.

Main Invite List:
Makua Rothman / Ikaika Kalama – HI
Carlos Burle / Eraldo Gueiros – BRA
Sion Milosky / Dustin Barca – HI
Jamie Sterling / Mark Healey – HI
Garrett McNamara / Kealii Mamala – HI
Grant Baker / Greg Long – SA/CA
Mike Parsons / Brad Gerlach – CA
Chuck Patterson / Scott Chandler – CA
Zach Wormhoudt / Jake Wormhoudt – CA
Danilo Couto / Rodrigo Resende – BRA
Shawn ‘Barney’ Barron / Darryl ‘Flea’ Virostko – CA
Ross Clarke-Jones / Ian Walsh – AUS/HI
Peter Mel / Ryan Augenstein – CA
Shane Desmond / Tyler Fox – CA
Russell Smith / Tyler Smith – CA
Anthony Tashnick / Chris Brown – CA
Ramon Navarro / Christian Merrello – CHI (WC)
Diego Medina / Danny Fry – CHI/HI (WC)
Evarldo Texeira / Yuri Soledad – BRA (WC)
Sylvio Mancusi / Andrew Marr / BRA/SA (WC)
Jamie Mitchell / James Watson – AUS (WC)
Carlos Nogales / Manoa Drollett – MEX/TAH (WC)
Koby Abberton / Nathan Fletcher – AUS/CA (WC)
Jamie O’Brian / Troy Alotis – HI (WC)

Myles Padaka / Felipe Espiritu – HI
Kalani Chapman / Ezra Sitt – HI
Don Curry / Ed Guzman – CA
Dan Moore / Mark Anderson – HI
Jeff Clark / Chris Bertish – CA/SA
Titus Kinimaka / Kalani Vierra – HI
Archie Kalepa / Buzzy Kerbox – HI
Dylan Longbottom / Laurie Towner – AUS
Alastair Mennie / Andrew Cotton – IRE

For detailed information on this event, please visit Protowsurfers.org

Event Sponsors:
City of Pichilemu Magico & Natural, Secano Turismo Region de O’Higgins, Ocean Extrem0, Reserva Marina Punta de Lobos, SurfY Naturaelza Chile, Club de Surf Punta de Lobos, Federation Chilena de Surf, Fletcha Surf, Chile Surf, Surf Festival, Handsome Bugga Productions, HSA, Surfline, TowSurfer and Street Machine.

About the Association of Professional Towsurfers, Inc. (APT)
The Association of Professional Towsurfers, was Founded on March 6, 2003 with the charter to support the responsible growth and development of Tow–In Surfing. The Association of Professional Towsurfers, is dedicated to sanctioning and promoting world class competitions, dissemination of safety and technical information to athletes, and technical direction to event organizers. The Association of Professional Towsurfers embraces corporate sponsors and media entities that provide the support necessary to increase its events and goals. The Association of Professional Towsurfers has goals to expand its support throughout the world, lobby government agencies and municipalities to provide more certified tow-in access to ocean venues, and be ever attentive to the unique technical and safety needs of this evolving sport and its constituents.