Archy World Premier


Archy, enough said. This man needs no introduction. If you consider yourself a surfer and don’t know who he is, you’ve got a lot of learning to do.

Matt Archbold changed surfing by simply being himself, and Bill Ballard does a great job of taking you through his life.

It premiered last night at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach to a sold out audience of Archy’s many friends. In attendance were the likes of: Mike Ness, Herbie Fletcher, Cole Simler and Timmy Patterson to name a few.

The movie starts at the beginning and ends at the present, so you get the whole experience of what has made this man, who he is. I’ve known Archy for several years and feel this movie did a great job of telling the story of Matt Archbold.

Ballard used Matt’s friends to paint you a picture of how gnarly this guy really is, giving their firsthand accounts of the things he’s been through. People like: Herbie Fletcher, Christian Fletcher, Nathan Fletcher, Cole, Timmy Patterson, Sunny Garcia, Uncle Bryan Surratt, Shane Beschen, The Irons and Chris Ward.

Two of the highlights are simply Matt Archbold himself and anything Christian Fletcher says. Bill and his family will be touring the West Coast and this is definitely worth checking out. Click here for the full schedule.

Here’s some pictures from the night including the after party at the Blue Beep:


Archy and friend, Mike Ness, singer of Social Distortion.

Mommy?s little monsters. Photo: Matsuda

The Movie’s creator, Bill Ballard, and his wife, Cara. Photo: Matsuda

Bill and MORINformed

Bill and ?Lost co-founder, Mike Reola

Huntington Beach surf legend, Bud Llamas and MORINformed. Photo: Matsuda