Arden Taylor VI Surf Benefit Goes Off In Ventura

VENTURA, Calif. (March 14) — The Arden Taylor VI Surf Benefit, hosted by the Ventura Surf Club, went off in waist to chest-high surf March 12-13 at Surfer’s Point (C Street) in Ventura.

The event was held to benefit Bob Voglin, a member of the Estero Bay Surf Club. In 2004, at the age of 54, Bob was diagnosed with tongue and lymph node cancer. He had 35 days of radiation and two series of chemo in San Luis Obispo. In August, Bob had his first PET scan, which determines if cancer is still present. The good news – results were negative. He’ll be tested every six months for the next three years.

An avid surfer, Voglin became the first benefactor of the Arden Taylor to compete in the contest. His son, Spencer, surfed as well.

The vibes were all positive as evidenced by one competitor saving another’s unleashed board from ruin and returning it to them in the lineup. Tons of raffle prizes, including four new boards and a $500 bill, were handed out.

As an added bonus of this year’s Arden, a new, one-of-a-kind solid balsa longboard was donated by Rod Osborn and is currently being auctioned off on eBay. The insane 9’8 stick, which features wood-burned water color graphics on both sides, was shaped by Jim Allen and glassed by Clyde Beatty. The auction ends on March 19 at 5 pm PST. All proceeds will go directly to the Arden Taylor VI Surf Benefit.

The inaugural event was held in 2000 for Arden Taylor, a 42-year old surfer diagnosed with inoperable brain tumors. Word spread fast throughout the tight-knit surfing community, and the Ventura Surf Club organized a benefit. Since then, the event has been held each year to assist effected families with the challenges that face them on a daily basis.

MARCH 12-13
Juniors (17 & under)
1. Tim Nisbet
2. Tony Stephens
3. Wes Smallwood
4. Mike Gray
5. Shane Elder
6. Spencer HayesYoung Men (18-34)
1. Vince Felix
2. Sean Tully
3. Jeff Belzer
4. Josh Samuel
5. Daniel Graham
6. Andrew CordeiroMen (35-49)
1. Otiz Bird
2. Dennis Bourg
3. Wayne Rich
4. Jim Daniels
5. Jim Wynne
6. Tim PattersonSeniors (50-59)
1. Mario Quiros
2. Bruce Douglass
3. Jay Riddle
4. Bobo Douglas
5. Steve Bigler
6. John BakerLegends (60+)
1. Hollie Trosper
2. Charlie Barton
3. Bill Hubina
4. Roger Case
5. Charlie Varni
6. Bill Hinkle
7. Darryl EasterSuper Legends (70+)
1. George Carr
1. Frayne Higgonson
1. Gary Stellern
1. Bill Wigginton
1. Jack CantrellYoung Women (29 & under)
1. Bree Harris
2. Emma Herrera
3. Jenna Irons
4. Stacy Ross
5. Gisselle Gutierrez
6. Janie PowersWomen (30 & up)
1. Tiffney Bertram
2. Debi Trauntvein
3. Adrianne Quiros
4. Debra Jordan
5. Rachel