Arizona Diamondbacks Outfielder Eric Byrnes A “Surf Bum”

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“I open up my life,” Byrnes says. “I’ve been an open book. I have fun with it. I don’t have much to hide.”

For a professional baseball player, Byrnes’ life seems pretty simple. He lives in a nice Tuscan-style house, whose backyard holds a pool, a mini-golf course and a batting cage. A table-tennis table sits on the patio, steps from his bedroom.

The home is big and classy but not obnoxious.

Byrnes and his wife, Tarah, also have a small California home just minutes from the beach, where he can quench his thirst for surfing.

Byrnes’ unkempt hair and board-shorts-and-T style is comfortable, but it’s a “managed effort,” Tarah says. “He puts a lot of effort into looking like a surf bum.”

Byrnes’ garage holds a tricked-out conversion van and a late-model Jeep Wrangler. He’s a neurotic flosser. He sleeps only a few hours a night.

His iPod holds the latest, most popular songs that iTunes suggests. He’s “multicultural” when it comes to music, but when he’s at a club, he wants a good beat, he says, bobbing his head.

Byrnes admires Jeff Clark, a surfer who harnessed the 50- to 70-foot surf in a deadly California cove years before anyone else was brave enough to give it a try. He’s also obsessed with celebrity gossip, never missing an issue of Us Weekly or People magazine