Show Your Inner Gorilla And Win Big

Do you have an inner beast just waiting to get out? Well, now's your chance to show the world the Gorilla inside you. The rules are simple: After watching the video above, follow arnetteantics on Twitter and tweet your answer to the following question, "What makes you the best Gorilla?" and then simply attach a photo of yourself dressed in your best Gorilla attire in your tweeted answer. All entries must include @arnetteantics and the following hashmark "#arngorilla" that coincides with your answer and photo in their tweet. Three (3) winners will be chosen by conditions set forth by the Arnette marketing team (see rules), and will receive one (1) pair of the Venkman sunglasses and an Arnette t-shirt. An example of an acceptable tweet is as follows, "I am the best #arngorilla because I can beat up King Kong and I'm going to win this @arnetteantics contest" accompanied with a photo of you in your Gorilla get-up.


Yes, now get out there and let your imagination run wild and show everybody your inner Gorilla!