Arnette Signs Robert Earl and Sean Fleuriau.

San Clemente – Arnette Optics announces the signing of Robert Earl well noted artist and action sports media personality and Sean Fleuriau to manage the western sales force.

Robert Earl is not a new comer to the ARNETTE family. Co-star of the classic ARNETTE movie “My Way” and strategic marketing partner on many ARNETTE special assignments, he has developed into an icon for the brand. Robert Earl stated “after taking a brief 10 month sabbatical from the eyewear world, I am super stoked to be back with #1 and any way you slice it this is only going to get better.” The excitement runs deep in the ranks as “ARNETTE plans to utilize [IMAGE 1]Robert Earl in many facets from strategic marketing planning to leveraging his eccentric personality” mention Gary Siskar (ARNETTE’S Director of Marketing). John Gothard (director of sales for ARNETTE) said, “Having Toons (Robert Earl) back with the band is going to be fun. Toons is a special addition to the team and we are we are stoked to have him back, he understands the game.” Keep an eye out for the full court press from ARNETTE and Robert Earl, the game is on.

[IMAGE 1]Sean Fleuriau is back in the saddle! After testing the waters in other sunglass lands Sean Fleuriau is driven back to the ARNETTE family. Starting with ARNETTE in 1993 he was responsible for developing many customer service and sales relationships. Sean was recruited by another eyewear brand in 1999 and after giving it a “go” he was compelled to return to ARNETTE. ” I’m happy to be back with my team mates! Being back here for me is not about a paycheck, it’s about the lifestyle. Everyone here lives and breaths in the surf and snow and that’s what I’m about.” stated Sean upon his return. John Gothard (Director of Sales) said ” Sean is an all star, he has a positive attitude that motivates people, it is great to have him back with the team.” Sean will be managing the sales force in the western region on the United States.

Arnette Optics was established in San Clemente, California in 1992 by Greg Arnette. Arnette prides itself on producing high quality products that are technically suitable for the demands of sporting activities such as snowboarding, motocross, skiing, skateboarding, and just plain kicking back. Arnette is a Luxottica company.