Arnette Welcomes Aaron Cormican To The Team

"We're pumped to have Gorkin on the team because he's always been focused on progressing the sport and going bigger than everyone else," says Brent Bearden, Arnette Sports Marketing Specialist.  "He's a pretty laid back guy when he's not surfing, but once he hits the water he doesn't mess around.  His hard work and determination have helped him become one of today's premier aerial surfers."

A proud resident of the Sunshine State, last month Gorkin finished 2nd at the 2010 LandShark Pro which was held on his home turf of New Smyrna Beach, FL.  To kick off May, he headed down to Trinidad & Tobago to compete in the Surfing T&T International Surf Festival.  And in the months ahead, he will hit the road with his LOST teammates to film for "Ward Stories."

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