Art Brewer Nicaragua Workshop


Art Brewer, one of the world’s premier surf photographers, will lead this unique workshop on advanced techniques in action surf photography. Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to work exclusively with several talented professional surfers in some of the most consistent and perfect waves of northern Nicaragua. Instruction will focus on surf-photography techniques both in and out of water, specialized equipment, proper handling and care of gear, insider business and promotional tips, file management, image enhancement (Lightroom 3), and delivery and pricing strategies.

When the surf is not being cooperative, we will delve into location portraiture as it relates to surf culture. Using natural, reflected and strobe lighting techniques, we will photograph people from the local surfing community at prime locations. This workshop will foster a holistic approach to practicing the art of action surf photography and its intersection with nature, beauty and movement. Group critique sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss what makes a successful image. Prerequisites: A minimum of one year shooting surf photography (land and deep water), proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, as well as digital organization and workflow software such as Lightroom.

Note: A portfolio of at least 12 images (jpeg) of recent work must be submitted, along with a completed application form. Acceptance into this program is based on portfolio review. Students must supply their own laptops with software installed as well as storage media to transfer files and all necessary equipment to download images from camera to laptop. Students are also required to bring their own camera equipment including: DSLR, telephoto/wide angle lenses, waterhousing and tripod (limited equipment will be available).

Tuition includes: double- and triple-occupancy accommodations at the Hotel Chancletas in Aserradores, shuttle service to and from airport, program trips and guided tours.

For further information head to or contact Malcolm Lightner, program director, at 212.592.2335; fax: 212.592.2336; E-mail: