Artist surfs 20-foot wave while playing violin

Classic Music is a dangerous game… Especially if you’re Nuno Santos Violin and you decide to take your violin to the…

Posted by Pedro Miranda Photography on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Surfing Nazare in Portugal when it’s 20 feet is an impressive undertaking in itself.

Artist and big-wave surfer Nuno Santos took it one step further and rode a 20-foot wave while playing the violin.

It’s all part of his project A violin in the most unlikely places in which he plays a violin in … you guessed it … unlikely places.

He rode the 20-foot monster earlier this month while playing Jingle Bells and he hopes to ride one even bigger in February.

The idea for the art project came to him while traveling in South America.

“The violin has always been my traveling companion,” he told The Australia Broadcasting Company. “Since the beginning, the concept has always been to challenge myself physically and mentally as a way to know myself better and become a better person.”

He has already played the violin on the edge of an active volcano in Ecuador and deep in the Amazon rainforest.

One of the biggest obstacles he faces is funding the whole endeavor. He has already lost a handful of violins and also must pay for surfboards and jet skis.

He called the surf a warmup run since he intends to surf a 60-foot wave in 2016.

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