Artists And Filmmakers Collaborate At Sacred Craft

The Surf Story Project and hook up at Sacred Craft Expo

For years creative minded surfers have germinated a nexus within surf communities. Think Severson and Griffin, Hoole and McCoy, or Merrick and Slater. In that same tradition Artist Robb Havassy and’s Stefan Jeremias and Cyrus Sutton are curating, producing and creating a multimedia extragavanza during the Sacred Craft Consumer Surf Expo in the SURFER’S VILLAGE.COM GROTTO.

Havassy’s voluminous Surf Story Project is the starting point for an artist’s studio and gallery that promises to be unlike anything ever created. Within this framework resides the lounge with short films produced by legion of quality filmmakers.

“The Surfer’s Village Grotto is the perfect venue and environment for the SURF STORY PROJECT and its collaborating artists and surfers. Sacred Craft, like the Surf Story Project, celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship that is engrained in the culture of surfing,” said Havassay. “Both help to perpetuate the stories and legends that are at the core of what it is to be a surfer, stoke and tons of creative energy…that is what ‘SURF STORY’ and Sacred Craft are all about.”

“We are excited to project an eclectic mix of independent surf film material that spans the eras and various approaches in our lounge at Sacred Craft this year – there will be some rare gems for people to check out,” said Jeremias.

Surfers, Shapers, Designers, Craftsman, Manufacturers
WHAT: Surfboards and the culture that flows from them.
WHEN: April 10 & 11 2010; Sat. 10am-6pm; Sun. 10am-4pm
WHERE: Ventura County Fairgrounds @ C Street
WHY: Because surfers really only care about two things; waves and the equipment to ride them with.
HOW: $10 at the door includes TransWorld SURF subscription and door prizes including surfboards and one week stay at Joyo’s G-Land Surf Camp.


In the beginning, it was all about the surfboard. The only thing that mattered. From ancient Polynesia to the ASP World Championship Tour; from Waikiki to Maverick’s; from The Endless Summer to Surfline; as the eras passed what we’ve worn or said or listened to or traveled to or read or watched are just sidebars on surfing’s timeline. Because the history of our sport is the history of the surfboard. Nothing has defined the surfing experience more than that on which we ride the waves. Nothing defines the surfer more than his (or her) surfboard. So much more than a tool, the surfboard has become a philosophical icon, a sacred craft, a culturally pervasive symbol of freedom, adventure and enduring youth.


Surfersvillage is a dream, vision, mission, & corporate plan, with direct input from Surfers, professional & non-professional, media, consultants, and industry personnel world-wide.

Surfersvillage is a Portal Website dedicated exclusively to Surfing – providing customized local content world-wide, and integrating it’s own database and search-engine.

Surfersvillage is a focused News Agency presence for surfers worldwide, including journals, organizations, associations, and industry, to concentrate energy towards developing surfing at all levels and to further enjoy the mindset that is Surfing.


Surf Story Project is artist Robb Havassy’s massive, organic collection of art and story from some of the surf world’s most influential artists, writers, photographers, and iconic figures.

“By far the greatest collection of surf stories ever gathered under one roof – lavishly illustrated, majestically presented – Surf Story will pummel you into whimpering bliss!” – Drew Kampion author Stoked! A History of Surf Culture

“Think Library of Congress for waves. Think Library of Alexandria of stoke.
This is the motherload of our collective surf memory.” – Jim Moriarty (CEO Surfrider Foundation)

About KORDUROY.TV was born from our disillusionment with mass production. From ocean swells to mountains and to their valleys, we live in a gravitational playground of free fun. Yet never before has forking out wads of cash for the “latest and the greatest” been so deeply engrained in our psyche. Its this irony that has inspired us to create a place where ideas can be shared that respect self-sufficiency, craftsmanship, and a surfing experience of our own design.


Scott Bass – Expo Director


Tim Crozier – VP Logistics