ASN Promotes Molly Fund

ActionSportsNow LLC (ASN), in celebration of its the launch of its website,, is promoting the Molly Fund, a non-profit dedicated to helping families who are fighting childhood cancers.

When Molly Rowlee found out that she had lymphoma, she was only five years old. During her treatment, her family was awed by the massive outpouring of support from the greater community. Although Molly lost her fight just five months later, the Molly Fund carries forward the hope and support that surged around Molly.

It is hard for a five year old to get a grip on what lymphoma is, so her parents helped her understand it by calling her cancer "cooties." In celebration of Molly Rowlee's courage in fighting cancer, ASN has commissioned a Kick the Cootie's Bootie t-shirt. These shirts immortalize the unique way Molly came to understand and fight the disease that ultimately claimed her life. The shirts can be seen and are available for purchase for $15 each at ASN has absorbed the production costs for the shirts, so every dollar received goes directly to the Molly Fund. Shirts come in men's and women's styles, with sizes of small, medium, large and XL in each. Men's colors are black or grey, and women's colors are pink or light blue.

"We are so proud to have an organization like ActionSportsNow standing next to us as we mark the one-year point since we lost Molly," said Buck Rowlee, Molly's father and Molly Fund organizer.  "When businesses stand for more than their bottom line, and are looking to make the world a better place, great things can happen."

"The love of action sports and the love of life are not far apart at all," said Carl Wallin, founder and president of ASN. "When we organized this company, it was with the intention and commitment to give back. Molly left the world a better place than she found it, and that's why we're so proud to celebrate her life and the cause that her family has taken up in her memory."

ASN is committed to giving back. Let us know how we can help by emailing us at

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