Asp International Announces Addition Of Japanese Branch

Asp International Announces Addition Of Japanese Branch

May 3, 2005 (ASP Int’l, QLD, Australia): ASP International today announced the implementation of the Association of Surfing Professional’ s first-ever regional branch, ASP International Japan, effective immediately.

Formerly ASP Asia, the association which has acted as the autonomous administrative body presiding over the development of professional surfing in Japan since it’s inception, will experience extensive policy shifts as its role evolves from that of a licensee holder to an extension of ASP International.

“Our goal in creating the Japanese branch of ASP International is to harness the growth and enthusiasm of surfing in Japan and drive toward seeing a Japanese surfer on the Foster’s Men’s World Tour,” ASP CEO Brodie Carr said.

Chaired by a five-person executive team, the regional branch will oversee all ASP business endeavours in Japan-development of ASP properties and disciplines like the Pro Junior, Longboard, Masters and World Qualifying Series’ among them.

Following a series of meetings with ASP President Rabbit Bartholomew in Hawaii last December, the five-person team recently flew out to ASP Headquarters on the Gold Coast, Australia, to map out a three-year plan with ASP management.

The Japanese Executive Committee, comprised of individuals representing all essential aspects of industry, sports administration and professional surfing will meet frequently and report directly to ASP International CEO, Brodie Carr, and President, Rabbit Bartholomew.

The branch office will likely set up shop in Shonan Beach, Japan, an area rich in surfing culture and synonymous with surf industry history. Coordinating the establishment of the office will be Toshiya Omi, a much respected surf industry entrepreneur.

Members of the Japanese Executive Committee include:
Toshiya Omi: General Manager
Msataka Kato: Regional Tour Manger
Masao Ogawa: Judging Manager
Matthew Pitts: International Liaison
For further information:
+61 7 5599 1550