ASP To Restructure Board In 2004

October 13, 2003 (ASP Int’l) At a specially convened strategic retreat, theASP Board of Directors resolved to restructure the Board, for implementationin 2004. The New Board structure will reflect a more streamline operation,with global representation through Event, Athlete and Regionalrepresentation.

From the current 13 person Board, the New ASP Board will comprise of only 7representatives. A dynamic feature of the streamlined Board will be theapplication of two independent directors, one from the USA and the otherEurope, as well as an independent chairman.

ASP President Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew had this to say; “This decisionrepresents an important juncture in the evolution of Professional Surfing. Iwelcome a more global approach to the governance of ASP.”

“A giant step forward,” exclaimed former ASP executive director GrahamStapelberg. “It was refreshing to see individuals on the Board put selfinterest aside.”

The New Board will be installed at the ASP Annual General Meeting in March2004.