ASP World Title Scenarios, How Close Is Number 9?

September 12, 2008: – – Kelly Slater must win the event to clinch the ASP World Title in France. If he does win, in order to stop him from clinching the title in France, Taj Burrow will need a 3rd  place finish and Bede Durbidge and Mick Fanning a 2nd.

If Kelly finishes 2nd in France, both Taj Burrow and Mick Fanning can get 33rd  at the Quiksilver Pro to move the title decision to the Billabong Pro Mundaka. With a 2nd from Kelly, Bede will need a 3rd in France to keep his world title hopes, and Joel Parkinson a 1st at the Quiksilver Pro.

Kelly 1st in France
Taj needs a 3rd
Bede and Mick 2nd
Joel is out of the race

Kelly 2nd in France
Taj and Mick need a 33rd
Bede a 3rd
Joel 1st