Atlantic Surfing Joins Surfing America

Surfing America Accepts Atlantic Surfing Federation As New East Coast Member Organization

ASF formation creates new pathway for East Coast surfers to qualify for Surfing America USA Championshipsasf and PacSun USA Surf Team next season

San Juan Capistrano, Calif. – May 6, 2011 – Surfing America, the National Governing Body for surfing in the USA, is pleased to announce that the Atlantic Surfing Federation (ASF) has been accepted as a Member Organization of Surfing America on the East Coast. The newly formed non-profit organization was established to fill a void created by the Eastern Surfing Association’s withdrawal from Surfing America in November 2009.

As a Surfing America Member Organization, ASF will begin the process of qualifying athletes into Surfing America’s Prime Series and the Surfing America USA Championships on August 1st of this year–in conjunction with the start of the 2011/2012 competition season.

“This is a major step forward for competitive surfing in the United States and we’re very pleased to bring ASF into the fold,” said Mike Gerard, Surfing America’s executive director. “This development further strengthens Surfing America’s structure as the National Governing Body for surfing in the United States. As a proud member of the International Surfing Association (ISA) and supporter of ISA’s quest to get surfing added to the Olympic Games, Surfing America is working hard to achieve United States Olympic Committee recognition. Coordinating the governance and operational practices among the key United States competitive organizations are big components of that process. This, ultimately, raises the standard of organized competitive surfing nationwide.”

In accordance with Surfing America’s established membership criteria, ASF will also adopt the use of Surfing America’s online registration system for all of its membership and event registrations. As a result, all ASF members will simultaneously become members of both organizations at the time of registration and will be eligible to qualify into Surfing America events.

In addition, ASF’s competitive age divisions will line up exactly with those offered at the USA Championships–making the pathway more clear for athletes pursuing advancement to the national stage and beyond. The Surfing America USA Championships Age Divisions are as follows:

Mens 18-29
Womens 18+
Masters 30-39
Seniors 40-49
Legends 50+
Junior Longboard Under 18
Mens Longboard 18 +
Senior Longboard 40+
Girls Longboard Under 18
Womens Longboard 18+
Boys Under 18
Boys Under 16
Boys Under 14
Boys Under 12
Girls Under 18
Girls Under 16
Girls Under 14
Girls Under 12

The Surfing America USA Championships is recognized, globally, as the premier event in American surfing–thanks to its high caliber judging panels, live webcast, and four-person, twenty-minute heats. The USA Championships is also the final qualifying event for junior athletes seeking a spot on the highly prestigious PacSun USA Surf Team.

This year’s Surfing America USA Championships runs from June 18-25 at Huntington Beach Pier and Lower Trestles, CA. The event will be available to watch live online at

“The primary reason for ASF’s formation was to create an organization that operates in harmony with Surfing America, the United States’ National Governing Body”, said ASF executive director, Julie Hume. “We are extremely pleased that Surfing America has looked upon our application favorably. This is great news for thousands of East Coast surfers, young and not-so-young, who are seeking to be a part of the legitimate, top-tier, national program. It’s a logical union. And, on behalf of the committed, experienced, and focused ASF Board of Directors, we are ecstatic.”

“Having NGB recognition allows ASF to qualify its members to the Surfing America USA Championships, the PacSun USA Surf Team, and, ultimately, ISA World Championship events,” Hume continued. “We are thrilled, beyond words, with this announcement, and would like to give a tremendous ‘Thank You’ to everyone involved.”