Aussie Shark Attack Survivor Vows To Surf Soon

Rex Marechal Surfboard

Looks like Rex Marechal is going to have to shape Luke Allan a new board soon…

Aussie Shark Attack Survivor Vows To Surf Soon
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The 29-year-old surfer who was attacked by a bull shark at Diamond Head on Friday morning has told news media that he’ll return to the water despite his ordeal. Talking to 7News on tonight’s bulletin, Luke Allan said he won't hesitate to get back in the water.

“Absolutely, the first chance I get,” Mr Allan told 7News. “I don’t know of anyone that’s been attacked twice,” he added. The Central Coast surfer is in stable condition in a Newcastle hospital after the shark attack and he told 7 News he fought the shark off twice.

“I looked down and saw a bull shark having a go at my leg. I felt the pressure under my board and then I felt a big knock underneath. I hit him as hard as I could in the nose and then I tried to hit him again with the pointy end of my surfboard.”

While Mr Allan told reporters he lost the majority of his index finger on his left hand, he said his leg which had three wounds from the shark's bite, will make a full recovery. “I paid the price [losing a finger] but I did the job – he didn’t come back for more,” Mr. Allan said.