Aussie surfers reveling in psycho cyclones

It’s been a chaotic few weeks down in Australia, where a feast and famine storm track has surfers marveling at mother nature when they’re not busy trying to keep their houses from floating down the street.

Brutal storms have been ravaging both sides of the country for the past few weeks.

Today a category 5 cyclone by the name of Yasi is slamming the coast of of Northern Queensland.

Experts are saying this is the biggest cyclone to hit Australia since Europeans began settling the continent. But what’s worse is the same region was slammed last month as floods ravaged the area.

As is usually the case in these situations, these storms are a mixed blessing for surfers, who have been in total awe of the perfect swells marching down both coasts.

While much of Brisbane was underwater in January, the clock was being turned back on Kirra, returning the sand-spitting grinder to its former glory.

Then just last week Western Australia got smacked by a massive storm as well. Cyclone Bianca lit up Taj Burrow’s old playground for days (see above). The world’s number three surfer in the world was claiming some of the best conditions he’s ever seen near his home of Yallingup.

Meanwhile, back on the Gold Coast, Mick Fanning and Dean Morrison have been seen getting ridiculous pits at their beloved Kirra.

Morrison’s Kirra performances are also a major plot line in the just released biopic A Dingo’s Tale which has just been released.

According to Joel Parkinson, it’s pretty damn good, too. “Movie of the year!” He tweeted.

Parko has been busy too. He and his buddy needed rescuing when a boat they were in capsized during one of the recent swells. Initial reports said it was Parko’s boat. But it was his friends. Still no clear word on who was driving it.

Images emanating from Oz have surfing fans already frothing for the start of the 2011 ASP Season. The Quik Pro just a few weeks away.

It’s too early to tell what the fallout of this newest storm will be. Right now most east coasters are taking cover. It’s going to get ugly in the short term. But if the last few weeks are any guide it won’t take surfers long to recover.