Australian Josh Kerr takes the eleventh edition of the Quiksilver Airshow.

Quiksilver Air Show Night Surf — Anglet, France August 14, 2005

Australian Josh Kerr takes the eleventh edition of the Quiksilver Airshow.

24 of some of the best surfers from the WQS (World Championship Tour) have competed in this atypical event where surfers should reach for airs. In order to heighten the effect, '¬ 12,000 have been put on the table, all this in the night’s darkness and in front of thousands of holidaymakers at the Chambre d’Amour beach in Anglet. Surfers were bathed in floodlights and some new interesting balloon lights that shone nicely on the waves face.

The surfers headed out in order to get the highest possible airs or the most radical manoeuvres in. Unfortunately, the hide tide was coming in fast and the contest had to be accelerated by literally skipping the semi finals and have a “grand finale” instead. Few waves were breaking by the end, and many waves were just surfed into the sand. A 10,000 strong crowd was cheering throughout, watching the giant screen where the contenders were featured. A reggae band played throughout the event, making for a pleasant unrealistic setting for a Sunday evening — that ended up in parties…..

Josh Kerr is known to be an airshow specialist. Born in Tweed Heads, Australia, he won his first aerial event in the USA in 2001 before dominating this kind of contest in Australia ever since.

Despite the lack of waves and at high tide, Kerr lead in front of Brazilian youngster Adriano de Souza, current WQS leader and 2006 WCT (World Championship Tour) hopeful.

Final Results
1. KERR Josh Australia
2. DE SOUZA Adriano Brazil
3. ELEOGRAM Ola Hawaii
4. CURRAN Nathaniel USA
5. O’BRIEN Jamie Hawaii
6. FLORES Jérémy France
7. DEBRAY Jean-Charles Guadeloupe
8. RIOU Alain Tahiti