Back-To-School Bags From Apollo

Apollo’s fall/winter offering runs the gamut in backpacks. All bags have EVA-molded shoulder straps and the Tail Harness System, which holds the bottom of a skateboard up and prevents it from sagging down and hitting you in the ass.

Apollo is also developing an accessory pack that includes a detachable poncho, a detachable griptape-protection cover (so griptape doesn’t wear on the bag), and a detachable snowboard tail harness. “We did this so a kid who buys one of our pricepoint bags can have the option to get a poncho, grip-protection cover, et cetera for only a few dollars more,” says Apollo Art Director/Design Director/Owner Marty Shadoan.

There are seven bags in this season’s lineup, from the pricepoint Equation bag to the Ellington, which has more pockets than anyone knows what to do with, according to Shadoan. Other bags include Triad, which is a large-capacity bag that holds a skateboard, laptop, and has a CD-player pocket. Skateboarder Stevie Williams’ bag, dubbed DGK, has a grip of hard-to-find stash pockets, unique zipper placements, and a CD-player pocket. The Theory backpack is a big ‘un — it’ll swallow all your snow or skate gear, has a hydration system, and offers rear entry (hell yeah!).

And don’t forget Atiba. TransWorld SKATEboarding photog Atiba Jefferson has teamed with Apollo to create the ultimate professional camera bag, called Atiba. “Most bags out there in the skate industry are not up to par for pros,” says Shadoan. “This bag, designed by Atiba Jefferson, will help you relax when you put your 3,000-dollar video camera or still-shot camera with all your lenses in it.”