Backside Closeout Snap with Andy Irons – Ending your ride with style and drama.

Dealing with closeouts is something every surfer should learn–especially if you live and surf in California. Closeout snaps feel awesome and are oftentimes very dramatic. While the snap itself often looks brutish and powerful, the secret behind making the move work is finesse. Watch and learn from World Champ Andy Irons.

1.As you approach the section, keep a high line on the wave. When the lip comes at you, bank off the highest corner of the section and redirect yourself until your nose is facing the beach and your body is almost horizontal. This allows the wave to work for you, not against you.

Hint: Don't push too hard against the wave, or you'll end up blowing through the section.

2.Here's where the finesse comes in. After initial contact with the section, begin shifting your weight toward the tail, keeping your fins engaged in the wave.

3.Let the nose lift as it naturally wants to do. Also, let the board come up to you by bending your knees.

4.During the initial stages of the freefall, keep pressure on the tail and look at your landing.

5.Keep your eye on the landing and add steady pressure to your tail.

Hint: Watch for the whitewash coming back up at you–that's where good timing helps.

6.Try to let the wave guide you to your landing. Landing after the lip has already hit the water is a sure way to break your board or your knees.

Hint: Always, always, always keep your knees bent and loose.

7.Let the rocker of your board ride off of the whitewash, and project your weight toward the beach. Ride away.

Hint: Prepare for the whitewash to explode behind you. Lean back into it, and it'll push you back up.