Backside In-The-Pocket Power Hooks

Backside In-The-Pocket Power Hooks With Kelly Slater.

While we can all wish to be as good as Kelly Slater someday–it's not gonna happen. You can, however, attempt the same type of moves Kelly does. On this wave, Kelly opts for an in-the-pocket power hook in lieu of a rodeo flip or tailslide. When done correctly, this turn can be one of the most gratifying moves in surfing. Get ready, you're about to blow the top off.

Steps One Through Three

The bottom turn should be tighter than your usual, more drawn-out turn. Try to stay as close to the pocket as possible. Cut the turn short, and direct yourself toward the bowling section of the lip.

Step Four

This is where the turn will actually begin. As you start your journey up the face of the wave, look for the section to start coming at you. Apply pressure to your back foot, and start turning your shoulders away from the lip.

Step Five

Now it's time to set your tail and use it as an axis for the turn. Apply pressure to your back foot, and use the top of the lip as a base to push off of. Begin to drop your front arm and compress your body.

Step Six

Hook it hard. Try to jam your back foot as far into the wave as possible, while turning the nose of your board toward the beach or reef. Keep your head up and your weight on the tail.

Step Seven

Lean on the tail, so you don't pearl and ruin it for everyone.

Steps Eight And Nine

You are weightless now, so begin to center your weight. Lean forward to avoid losing the wave.

Step Ten And Eleven

Hold on, bro! You're engulfed in your own spray. Start to feel your way to the flats.

Step Twelve

You rip. Now do it again.