Backside Snaps With Boatloads Of Spray By Luke Egan


Who doesn’t want to send boatloads of spray on their turns? While we all can’t have Luke Egan’s tree-trunk legs, we can use his technique to help appease the spray gods. You don’t have to be he-man to throw spray, you just have to be smart—let’s learn from Luke’s example.

Step one: As Luke bottom turns, he projects around the foamball and keeps as much speed as possible. Speed and momentum are the key to big spray. In Luke’s case, even his bottom turns produce big sprays. Use your back arm, and turn your torso toward the wave.

Step two: As you project toward the lip, begin the start of your turn with a weight shift. Your back leg is key here and will be the main factor in pushing water off your board. Start to turn your body so your shoulders are parallel with your board.

Steps three and four: Here’s where the money is. Push hard off your back leg, and keep most of your weight over the tail of your board. Try to keep the lower inside rail of your tail in the water while the outside rail is out. The idea is to use the area between your fins to throw water.

Hint: Simple variations in weight dispersion on the tail of your board can help shoot loads of spray.

Steps five and six: Keep the bottom quarter of your board dug into the face of the wave. Lean into the tail as hard as you can without busting the fins out. Try to hook your turn by keeping a low center of gravity and while following a tight arc.

Hint: A low center of gravity is always your friend while surfing.

Step seven: Cleanly finish your turn, and smile when the big-ass spray you just threw rains down on all your friends in the water.

— C.C.