Baja Hurricane Forces Venue Change For Airshow Contest

The Vans SMAS World Championships of Air presented by O’Neill has been relocated to the wedging ramps of Salt Creek due to the recent devastation Cabo San Lucas, by Hurricane Juliette. The contest date remain the same: October 17-21, 2001.

Our location scouts were in Cabo preparing for the event when Hurricane Juliette hit land with 100 mph winds just above Todos Santos and sat for four days bringing mass floods to Cabo San Lucas and Pacific Cabo, washing major roads out, knocking down power, water and communication lines. This was the worst damage to the tip of baja in years. It may take weeks for Cabo to recover. Given the destruction witnessed by our crew, the decision was made to relocate at Salt Creek. Given the time and preparation needed for the event, Salt Creek’s ease of access and outright consistency landed it the job as pinch-hitter.

The first ever Vans SMAS World Championships of Air presented by O’Neill will award over $16,000 in prizemoney with $5,000 going to first place.The field of competition comprises 30 top aerialists who have emerged as champions or in the top ratings from independent Airshows around the World.

Qualification as follows: Top 14 from the 2001 Vans SMAS season, 8 International, 2 Hawaii, top 2 amateurs from the 2001 O-SMAS NSSA and 4 sponsor exemptions. Competitors will receive an event packet by October 10th including entry form, format, rules, and detailed information.

Through continued innovation and competitor feedback, a new and improved format will be introduced at the World Championships setting the stage for the Vans SMAS 2002 season. In addition, The Vans SMAS World Championship of Air, Presented by O’Neill will include a premiere exhibition, the “Connected Surfing Expression Session” presented by Sector Deck with a winner-take-all prize purse of $500. The Connected Surfing Expression Session will feature six of the world’s best aerial innovaters utilizing the latest technolgy in strap surfing.