Balin Pro Junior – Jamie Thompson Wins

Jamie Thompson Blitzs Final To Win The Balin Pro Junior At Rye Ocean Beach.

Sunshine Coast surfer Jamie Thompson had a dream final heat to decisivelywin the Balin Pro Junior at Rye Ocean beach. The surf pumped solid 1-1.5metre clean offshore waves that created the perfect surfing arena forAustraliasia’s top Pro Junior surfers to do battle.

Jamie Thomson Sunshine Coast was in blistering form opening with an 8.00ride and backing it up with two 7.75 point rides to take control of theheat to easily clinch victory with a total of 23.50 points.

Thomson was in sycronchonised rhythm as he picked off the set wavescreating an unwinnable position for his competitors at the final fiveminute mark who required a combination of two high scores. “I feltfantastic and totally tuned into the waves as I picked off the set waves.It really was a dream heat for me.”

Peter Hughes Fairhaven Vic scored 18.75, showed desperation in hissurfing as he notched up two good long curving rides but it was still notenough to make a challenge for the lead. Hughes had to accept anothersecond place win, his third in the Pro Junior series.

The good news for Hughes is that his consistency has launched him intofirst position on the Australasian pro Junior Ratings, the first time aVictorian has claimed this position and Hughes is eager to maintain hisnumber one rating –

” Second again is disappointing to me – I eally want to win one of theseevents but I figure luck in a final will go my way shortly – That’s all Ineed, BUT I’m stoked to be number 1 and I’m aiming to maintain thatposition.”

Glenn Hall Umina NSW maintained form and confidence through out thecompetition into the final but fell on a major wave finishing with a scoreof 17.45 putting him in third place. Shaun Cansdell Mullaway Northern NSWin fourth place had put in some aggressive backside surfing to log a total17.15 points.

The highlight of the Balin Pro Junior was in the women’s final when DaraPenfold Hobart Tasmania scored a tube and the highest wave score of thecontest with a 9.00 ride. Penfold had a strong lead through out her heat scoring a total of 19.50 points to convincingly win the women’s final. Insecond Laurina Mc Grath NSW 18.15 ,third Claire Bevilacqua WA 13.5 and infourth Carly Mackie 7.00 points.

The ASP Australasian junior tour now moves to Queensland for this weeksBrothers Neilsen Pro Series featuring the Gold Coast Cleanwater TeamsChallenge, the Billabong Grommets and the Brothers Neilsen Junior Pro allto be staged on the Gold Coast. The $10000 Brothers Neilsen junior eventcommences Thursday and will finalise on Sunday.

Excellent action packed surfing vision 2minute package is available fromChannel Seven from 3.30pm today. Please contact Adrian Hart 0419 534 596for Media details of this high profile Pro Junior event.