Balinese Officials Warn Against Local Booze After 25 Deaths

It sucks when you're just trying to have a little fun on your Bali vacation and someone sells you a type of booze with enough methanol in it to kill an elephant…no thanks on the "arak attack" we'll stick to Midnight Oil Super Shakes…

While the arak hangover (pictured) is grounds for a trip to the hospital, death is the other alternative after a night on the “arak attack”.

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JAKARTA (Reuters Life!) – Tourists to the Indonesian island of Bali were warned against drinking the local spirit arak, after at least 25 people died in the past week when a batch was cut with methanol.

Bali’s police said 25 people, including a British national, an Irish woman, a Dutch man and a American woman, died of alcohol poisoning after drinking arak containing methanol — a toxic chemical compound often used as an anti-freeze or in paint.

Another 21 local residents have been treated at Bali’s main hospital of Sanglah, police said.

Police have arrested the owner and an employee of a small rice wine factory in Denpasar, the capital of Bali, after finding evidence of arak that contained traces of methanol. They are investigating if this was accidental or deliberate.