Bassakwards In Nicaragua

Having never seen a video clip that goes backwards the entire time, this little gem from Taylor Pai and friends is a trip!


Dearest Jungle Creatures,
It's been 1 week and 7 days since you made us flick are head, bash waves mercy-less and made 3ric go flying… We just wanted to thank you for going all Harry Potter on those beasts that exploded out of the ground! They seemed a little rude? Anyways we hope to see you in Nicaragua soon again!
Alden, Taylor, 3ric.

Filming by Michael Lallande
Jungle Creatures: Brooke Jamarillo, Katherine Wichner
Water Creatures: AJ Collins, Taylor Pai, Eric Tomlinson
Physical Coloration Enhancements: Chanelle Kelly
Pyrotechnics: Taylor Pai
Plot & Vision: AJ Collins, Taylor Pai