Batten Down The Hatches: Gail Force Winds Hit Day 3 Of ESA Easterns

Considering that last year Hatteras could barely muster up a knee high wave for ESA Easterns, this year is already shaping up to be one for the Easterns record books. The forces of nature are not only testing the limits of the ESA athletes, directors, and coordinators, but also the tiny island that is the Outer Banks.

How this flag was standing baffled me. Photos: Ryan Brower

Today's competition wrapped up the entirety of the adult divisions, and it was nothing short of a sand storm on the beach and a full on Atlantic washing machine for the competitors. With sets pushing close to double overhead, it wasn't a cakewalk by any means. The competitors didn't even test the unorganized outside breaks, but instead busted their asses on the inside to put scoring rides together.
After the last division was complete, everybody wiped the sand from their faces and headed down to Natural Art Surf Shop for the adult awards ceremony, lunch, and the naming of the 2009 ESA Adult All-star Team. (See the full results from today below).

East Coast surfers have got some heart. You try paddling out in that.

Wednesday's competition will be making a move further south to take advantage of the more favorable conditions at Hatteras, and we'll see if things allow for a move back to the Lighthouse in Buxton later this week. For now though, competition will be held at Ramp 55, just past Frisco, across from the Ocracoke Ferry Terminal in Hatteras.

Please use the Museum parking lot to park, which is across the street from Ramp 55. There is no street parking. Please DO NOT go over the dunes, use the walkway provided. If your vehicle is 4-wheel drive you can drive on the beach and turn right (south) to park on the beach.

So much for that guy’s tent.

Kicking off on Wednesday will be the kids' divisions, and the event is sure to heat up with expected conditions to be about head high+ and clean. And we'll vouch for that one, as after the adult awards ceremony today the Transworld crew jetted down to Frisco for what proved to be some of the best east coast surf these west coasters have seen. The nail in the coffin was Justin Cote, aka the Frisco Kid, shooting the dilapidated pilings that loosely hold together the pier at Frisco. There will be photographic evidence of this session, as well as the full day of Easterns, soon to come.

‘Dem ‘der Transworld boys know how to have a hog-killing time in the dirty south.

On that note, tonight we're gearing up for a little skate session at the Fessenden Center in Avon. Then at 8 p.m. Rusty will be showing their new movie, Changes, inside the gym. And it is a legit movie, as our little buddy from Rusty, Shaun, gave us a sneak peek. So if you're on the Banks head on over tonight, what else do you really have to do? Hopefully we don't get blown away into the Atlantic tonight. For updates on Easterns stay tuned to as well as – Ryan Brower

ESA Eastern Surfing Championships 2008 Adult Awards:

1. David Holloway (NFL)
2. Tanner Deprin (NFL)
3. Austin Allen (NFL)
4. Jeff Anthony (NY)
5. Alex Fawess (NY)
6. Zac Kenny (OBNC)

1. Mallory Turner (NFL)
2. Leanne Foster (OBNC)
3. Jessie Carnes (NFL)
4. Lauren McLean (CFL)
5. Kayla Beckman (NFL)
6. Jennifer Morris (TCFL)

1. Ana Barend (SNE)
2. Mindy Fitzpatrick (CNC)
3. Vivian Jordan (NSC)
4. Marty Mentzer (SNC)
5. Cayce Patterson (SNC)
6. Nathalie Glenn (CNC)

1. Shawn Clark (NSC)
2. Travis Ajay (NCFL)
3. Chris Costa (SSC)
4. Chris Lisanti (CNJ)
5. Chad Carr (CFL)
6. Chris Kretzer (CNJ)

Senior Men
1. Rodrigo Miranda (SAFL)
2. Pat McManus (OBNC)
3. Bill Bowman (CFL)
4. Todd Brazell (SSC)
5. Charlie Hajak (SAFL)
6. Jason Motes (NFL)

1. Rick Anson (SSC)
2. Bill Whatley (NCFL)
3. Resse Patterson (SNC)
4. Jim Miller (PBFL)
5. Joe Grottola (SNJ)
6. Lynn Harrington (SAFL)

1. David Sledge (CNC)
2. Keith Thompson (NSC)
3. Bill Helmuth (DMV)
4. Bill Roach (CNC)
5. Kevin Brandt (CNC)
6. Mark Mitchell (SNC)

Grand Legends
1. Rich Kinney (TCFL)
2. Bryant Hungerford (DMV)
3. John "Chum" McCraniek (PBFL)
4. "F" Robert Gillinder (SNJ)
5. Kitty Pechet (SNE)

Ladies Longboard
1. Ana Barend (SNE)
2. Mindy Fitzpatrick (CNC)
3. Jo Pickett (SNC)
4. Beth Schub (CNC)
5. Tina Tyrone (NGFL)
6. Heather Jenkins (CFL)

Mens Longboard
1. Ty Roach (CNC)
2. Robert Bradley (FCFL)
3. Thomas Capps (CNC)
4. Alex Fawes (NY)
5. David Taylor (CNC)
6. Kyle Sumer (CNC)

Masters Longboard
1. Tom O'Brien (SNJ)
2. Buddy Evans (NFL)
3. Bill Whatley (NCFL)
4. Jason Motes (NFL)
5. Les Carrithers (NCFL)
6. Resse Patterson (SNC)

Lengends Longboard
1. Bill Roach (CNC)
2. Kevin Grondin (NNE)
3. Bobby Holland (VA)
4. Rick Anson (SSC)
5. David Sledge (CNC)
6. Tom Leonik (SNJ)

Senior Sportsman
Kate Whatley

Hot Wave
Austin Allen (NFL) – Mens (Heat 51) Score: 50.0