Battle To Bring Back Kirra Goes Online

June 19, 2008: – – Another milestone in the battle to bring back the legendary waves of Kirra Point has been achieved with the Kirra Point Committee (KPC) launching, the committee’s official Save Kirra website.

The new website, which will launch this Friday as part of World Surfing Day (21 June) celebrations, will help the KPC take its message of the importance of restoring Kirra to its former glory while maintaining coastal security to a global audience.

Renowned Gold Coast surfing legend Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew, who is a KPC member along with a broad cross section of the local surfing and business community, said the launch of the website is a significant step forward in the long held campaign to resurrect the waves of Kirra.

“The launch of the Kirra Point website is a wonderful achievement and a testament to the commitment of those involved have in seeing the current situation resolved,” said Rabbit. “The effects of excess sand build up at Kirra has been discussed for many years but the launch of this website shows how seriously the issue is now being taken by the entire community.

“The Kirra Point Committee enjoys a strong backing and is made up of all elements of the community by working with other groups who share this mutual goal, along with the local council and other levels of government, we feel we are heading towards a positive outcome.”

Surf quality has deteriorated at Kirra due to oversupply of sand from the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project, at a time when there has been little storm energy to move the sand northward.

The effects on the beach and surfing amenity include the loss of Kirra Point as a surf break; subsequent overcrowding at other surf spots; the loss of Kirra Reef as an important biological habitat and recreational fishing and diving site; and diminished appeal of Kirra as a destination for locals and holiday makers alike.

To aid in the education of Gold Coast high school students about the Kirra Point issue an education workshop is being conducted this Saturday by the Marine Teachers Association of Queensland South Coast Branch, Surfrider Foundation and the KPC. The workshop will be targetted at teachers of pupils through years 8-12 using Kirra Point as a theme.

Workshop leader Mr Bob Moffatt, from the Marine Teachers Association of Queensland, says a feature of the education package is a 56-page student’s exercise book and teacher’s guide on how waves, currents and beaches interact under natural conditions at the southern Gold Coast points.

“The aim of the workshop is to provide a scientific understanding of coastal processes for students who will hopefully grow up with a better environmental attitude to coastal processes involving waves, sand dunes and reefs,” he said. For more information regarding the education workshop please contact Surfrider Foundation 5536 1021 or Marine Teachers Association at 5667 7333.

Members of the Kirra Point Committee include the Kirra and Snapper boardrider clubs, former world surfing champion Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew, local surfing legend Wayne Deane, Neil Lazarow of GCCM, Coastal Alliance’s Phil Arnott, Surfrider Foundation’s Matt Butel, property developer John Rankin, Marine Biologist Bob Moffatt, public relations consultant Steve Hunt and Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club’s Bruce Lee.

Anyone who is interested in accessing more information regarding the Kirra Point cause is invited to visit the official website at after June 20.