BAYVI Doubles Down on Gregg Nakamura


BAYVI Hawaii Doubles Down On Working-Man And Sleeper-Pick Gregg Nakamura

Honolulu, Hawaii: As competitors gear up for the much-anticipated Ala Moana Bowls WQS event, eyes around computer screens will be on pro heavyweights Kalani Robb, Flynn Novak, and Roy Powers. Who will reign? Who will last? And who will upset?

In the meantime, away from the media tents and headlines, BAYVI Hawaii doubles down and puts its support on working-man and Honolulu local, Gregg Nakamura. A people's champ with a full-time job supporting a family, Gregg is a guy who surfs day in and day out simply for the love of surfing. Don't let his obscurity fool you: Gregg can hold his own against the best of them, an annual threat at the H.I.O. and recently riding momentum from his Local Motion Surf Into Summer Championship. A sleeper-pick passed under the radar?

"Gregg has always been one of our favorite guys to watch. He has a competitive fire, a grit, and a down-to-earth people's-champion spirit about him that really epitomizes what BAYVI is about. That's why he's our pick. The guy surfs morning in and evening out while supporting a family with a full-time job. He hasn't had six-figure contracts and glorious amounts of exposure. He's a down-to-earth guy with tremendous passion for what we all love to do. Watch him surf and you'll see why he's our 'Rocky Balboa' sleeper pick for this upcoming QS," comments BAYVI Owner Ron Peterson.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity and stoked to be a part of things, the BAYVI fam, and the competition. Definitely going to give it my all. I’m going to do this for all the cubicle jockeys out there watching the live feed wishing they were surfing instead!" commented Gregg Nakamura.

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