SD Surf Spot Beacons Beach To Close?

According to a post on Sign On San Diego, the popular North County surf spot, Beacons, is in threat of being fenced off and closed to the public because it’s been deemed unsafe due to the unstable bluff and trail leading to the beach. After the city of Encinitas was denied it’s request to build a sea wall by the state of California, mayor Dan Dalager blamed a “nameless, faceless, bureaucrat” for the situation. The thing is, I live close to Beacons and have surfed there since the early 80s; it’s a sandstone bluff that’s been eroding forever--don’t close the beach, don’t build a seawall, don’t do anything, the little dirt trail is fine the way it is. I won’t charge the city for that advice either, they’ve already spent $250,000 in “planning expenes.”

Here’s a snippet from the article:
“California State Parks won't allow the city of Encinitas to use a sea wall to stabilize a shaky bluff that city officials fear could collapse and take with it a blufftop parking lot and trail leading down to Beacon's Beach, a popular surfing spot.

Ronie Clark, the state park agency's southern division chief, said the 100-foot bluff is "an active landslide" but noted that the state's park policy prohibits sea walls.

Clark suggested fencing off the beach, saying the authors of the state's general plan for parks "felt it was inappropriate to encourage visitor use on an active landslide."

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