Behind The Cover 4.1

Behind The CoverIn the last issue (Volume 3, Number 10), we featured Virginia Beach, Virginia’s own Jeff Myers on the cover busting out frontside at dusk. It was a really cool-looking shot that coincided with a story Jeff wrote about Camp Mexico while he was vacationing there with some other campers. Read on to find out more about Jeff and his cover.

Where were you when you first heard about your cover?I was in New Jersey chasing hurricane surf when I first found out about it. I hadn’t checked my messages on my home phone in a couple days, and there was a message from A.C. saying that I had scored a cover shot. This was my first cover, and I was losing it-very excited!

Who took the photo, and where was it taken?The photo was taken in Mexico on a trip we all did with TransWorld SURF. Tom “Tom Shit” Carey scored the photo. We shot late every evening in hopes of scoring specific shots and lucked into exactly what Tom had in his mind. Tom knows his shit, he made a lot of good calls on the trip.

How was Camp Mexico?The trip itself was a blast … good friends, good waves, and good times.

Did you get photo incentives from the shot even though the lighting made your logos practically invisible?Fortunately for me, I surf for some really cool companies and they were all really stoked on the shot and the issue. I haven’t received my checks yet, so it’ll be interesting to see how well they decided to pay-in full, I hope.

This issue came out during really tragic times. Did it take away from the buzz of landing your first cover shot?Definitely. We were all pretty shaken, the tragedy took us all by suprise. I saw my cover as a really positive blessing during some really negative times. I want to dedicate it to all who innocently perished during the tragedy.

What has getting a cover shot done for your career?It’s opened up more doors for me. It’s also helped me prove myself to all my sponsors, and it’s given me a lot more focus. I’m way more driven now. I feel like all the hard work-the trials and tribulations that come with pro surfing-has finally paid off. Getting a cover shot is a goal we all have as surfers, and it reassured me I’ve made the right decisions. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing in life right now-surfing.