Behind the cover with Danny Fuller

Girth, that was the theme of the 3#8 issue’s cover. And so far in Danny Fuller’s young career, he’s made it a point to be in girthy situations such as that. You see, not too many issues of any surf magazine pass by without Danny Fuller doing something nutty or finding some disgusting tube, and this one’s no different. As for the photograph, it was taken in Western Oz by Tim Jones at the infamous pit of death near Margaret River called The Box. Look for more heavy photos from both these men¿it’s their respective jobs.

When called Danny to tell him, he hadn’t seen the cover yet because he’d just gotten back from a trip, but he knew he’d gotten it.



Is this your first cover?
Yes, it is.

Where’d you first hear about it?
I heard about it from B. House Brian House, Osiris Surf Team Manager when I checked my messages.

Do you remember taking that shot?
I remember catching one good wave and there was a lot of photographers out there. I didn’t know if I hooked up with Jonesy at all, but I definitely knew he was out there.

The wave’s really wide and thick. Were there a lot of them like that?
That was like the first time I’ve ever surfed The Box, and there were some pretty sick waves. Guys like Bruce Irons, Koby Abberton, Myles Padaca, and Chris Ward were pretty much getting the best waves. I guess I got lucky.

Was it a fight to get photos?
The wave itself is insane. It was really a dogfight.

Does it get scary out there?
It’s definitely got its scary factors, but it’s such a good wave that it makes it all worth it.