Behind The Cover


Behind The Cover

“There’s actually a funny story behind that,” recalls Seth Stafford of his early season Off The Wall hook-up with Kaua’i’s Stephen Koehne. “I had just gotten to the north shore, no one was around and there were five photographers waiting on the beach for someone to go out. I saw him run by on his morning Volcom house workout and I was like “Steph, go out!” so he ran up to the house and got his board. He went out and the first slab that came through, he turned around and took off. It was the first Off The Wall day, and I think the last,” Seth laughs.

Off The Wall is no walk in the park. TWS ace water photog Wyatt Tillotson recently got caught inside by a rogue six-footer and had to call his wife for a ride to the emergency room up the hill in Wahiawa to get stitched up. That’s the nature of shooting photos at places like Off The Wall, Pipeline, Teahupo’o, and The Box—you play, you pay.

“It was normal, four-to-six-foot Off The Wall,” Seth says modestly of his early season gem. “It was a big one so I was kinda high in the lip. Steph is a good guy to shoot with—he goes for it hard. I really like Off The Wall because the initial section throws really far so it makes it looks so hollow.”—Justin Coté

Seth nailed this with a 15mm wide-angle lens on Velvia film with a Canon EOS 1V encased in a Taro Pascual made water housing.