Behind the Pro Spot – 4.6

Behind the Pro Spot

Ben Bourgeois Finds Squirrel Suit Idea Nutty

For the sake of art and entertainment, TransWorld SURF came up with the awkward idea of dressing Ben Bourgeois in a squirrel suit for this issue’s Pro Spotlight. We asked TransWorld SKATEboarding’s Grant Brittain to shoot the portraits, and I took some behind-the-scenes snapshots. Although Ben was a little wary from the start, he agreed to give it a whirl.Despite Ben’s reservations and the fact he wasn’t feeling well to begin with, he showed exceptional sportsmanship. At one point Grant and I were literally in tears from laughing so hard. We asked Ben to put the heavy and uncomfortably large squirrel head on and run across a grassy bank (see inside cover). You had to be there to fully appreciate the moment, but it was so funny seeing one of the best surfers in the world running off-balance at one mile an hour while struggling to stay upright. In some twisted way, the fact that he wasn’t terribly into the idea made it even funnier.After much debate, concerned phone calls, and e-mails from Ben, we decided to abandon the concept-mainly because we’d hate for Ben to be sore at us. At the very least, we had some good laughs. He’s such a cool guy-with or without a squirrel suit.-Hosse