Behind The Scenes At The 2004 Wetsuit Buyers Guide Photo Shoot

In the new issue of TransWorld Surf (6#11), we have a wetsuit buyers guide featuring the latest suits by all the major companies. Our intention is to let you, the consumer, check out the different styles of 2004 wetsuits and make a somewhat educated guess as to what will work for you best. Pretty standard stuff that you’ll see in other mags.

But we do things a bit different here.

After all, who wants to see one of our office-body stricken employees sporting new rubber? That’s right–nobody. With this in mind, we decided to recruit some real characters, the Shores Crew. I’m not exactly sure where these guys and girls came from, but I think Newport Beach. The girls had O.C. hotness written all over them—blond, bossomy, and bad. As you can see, things got a little out of hand–just how we like it. Thanks a ton to the Shores Crew, keep up the good work boys and girls!

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